All about the WCH!

In this section you will find all the information on the official competition program of the UCI World Championships. They are intended to the athletes, teams, UCI officials and last but not least, the audience! Click through all the submenu items...


Team and Technical Area is situated in the event centre.

Team and Technical Area is designed for National Teams/Members, UCI Elite Teams/Members and UCI registered Teams/Members and for units providing technical support to riders. This area is subject to strict rules. Within the technical area, Teams and Technical Units are allowed to:


  • Exhibit and sell team clothing
  • Exhibit equipment such as bike and shoes


Within the technical area, Teams and Technical Units are not allowed to sell equipment!

Price list

Will be updated...


  1. The area booked is the maximum space that can be used (size of the stand including team cars that are intended to be parked in the team zone!!!). All stands will be marked and measured by the organisers. Exhibitors must check in with the organisers upon arrival at the Event Village. The organisers will direct exhibitors to the relevant stand location.
  2. No spikes for anchoring your tents / gazebos in Team Area B nor any other tarmac/asphalt grounds!!! Please, have prepared weights!
  3. Vehicle access and parking passes will be allocated according to the area booked.
  4. Exhibitors will receive confirmation of receipt of booking form and must subsequently supply additional information as requested by the organisers.

Payment Schedule

Early booking = better location

  • Booking prior to 27th May 2016 – full payment due with booking.
  • Booking received after 27th May will be subjected to a 150 Euro late booking fee.

Cancellation conditions

  • By 17th June 2016 = 50% refund
  • After 17th June 2016 = 0% refund